BY Christina Rodas

 After recent break-ins in my area, I was looking for security solutions,  having tried a Rogers home system I found that the security itself was  lacking and expensive. I contacted TRComm and spoke with Devika about my concerns and  goals and budget in hopes of finding a system that was user friendly,  secure and offered the most bang for the cost. Her team put together a  great package that included cameras and sensors that allowed me the  peace of mind. The training was friendly and simple that my  entire family is able to get full use of the system. I found the  company to deliver on all their promises and the product itself the  exceed my expectations. I have recommended TRComm to family and  friends!

Christina Rodas

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BY Jason Stewart

 I have used TRCOMM to install a complete video surveillance system at  Barrie Volkswagen.  The team was professional and extremely  knowledgeable from the start.  They took the time to sit down with me to  discuss where the camera’s would  go, how much time would be needed, and prepared a proposal that fit our  budget.  Their timeline was exactly what they said it would be, with  absolutely no interference to our daily business.  After the install was  complete they made sure all camera’s were  pointing where we wanted them, and set up our computers and phones with  the software.  Any issue we had they were back to us in usually an  hour.  I would highly recommend TRCOMM for any security camera work that  you have for your business.


Jason Stewart

General Sales Manager

Dean Myers Chevrolet Limited  

BY Tim Bryson

 TRComm?  When i contacted Teddy I needed a couple more portable radios, no problem.  As my business grew I added vehicles and needed more mobiles, Teddy was there to advise me the best value at the time, but i needed installs, TRComm was there.  When i expanded out of the basement, my cash retail business needed security cameras, I called Teddy for advise and ended up with a full security system to match my needs at a price I could afford.  TCComm was there when I needed it, thanks to TRComm I've now grown my business to where I'm looking at my own radio tower, and Teddy is still saying no problem!  I wouldn"t be where i am today if it wasn"t for Teddy!  Homestead Sawmill president Tim Bryson.